Huawei says HarmonyOS 2 surpasses 100 million users
As of September 12, Huawei's HarmonyOS 2 user base has exceeded 100 million, about three months after its launch, according to Richard Yu, Huawei's managing director and CEO of its consumer business.
Huawei HarmonyOS exceeds 50 million users
As of Aug. 6, Huawei's HarmonyOS 2 smartphone operating system had more than 50 million users, according to a CCTV report Sunday.
Huawei to release MatePad 11 with HarmonyOS on July 6
The Huawei tablet MatePad 11 with HarmonyOS 2 will be released at 19:30 on July 6 Beijing Time, the Chinese tech giant announced Monday.
Huawei starts pushing first official version of HarmonyOS 2 to 18 models
Huawei has finally started pushing the first official version of HarmonyOS 2 to users after the end of public beta testing.
HarmonyOS 2 gains over 10 million users within a week of availability
In less than a week after its release, more than 10 million Huawei phone users have already upgraded their systems to HarmonyOS 2.
First HarmonyOS-powered refrigerator goes on sale
With HarmonyOS, the refrigerator allows for fast networking and can keep users informed of ingredient freshness and provide recipes.
Three Chinese banks announce HarmonyOS support
With the release of HarmonyOS 2, Huawei opened a new chapter in its mobile business. Now three major Chinese banks have announced their support for the system.
One of China's top universities offers HarmonyOS-related courses
Wuhan University teacher Zhao Xiaogang and Huawei reached an agreement in November 2020 to start the joint design of HarmonyOS courses to be offered in universities.
Huawei launches HarmonyOS 2, opens new chapter in its mobile business
US sanctions have left Huawei's cell phone business struggling, and to keep that business going, Huawei has found its own way.
Meizu announces it will use HarmonyOS, possibly first for smart home products
Huawei's Android alternative HarmonyOS is the talk of the Chinese tech world recently, and now it's getting support from a smartphone maker, though probably not for the system to be used on phones.