Who we are

cnTechPost is a leading English language tech news site based in Shanghai, China. We are committed to covering tech topics including China-made gadgets, applications, big tech companies, latest innovations as well as industry trends like 5G.

Our focuses are on China-related tech stories. But as tech flows across boundaries, we will also cover topics that we believe every China tech watcher should pay attention to.

Why we built this site

There are so many tech blogs in China covering global tech trends, gadgets from US tech gaints, applications from both the iOS and Android platforms.

These coverages flow to Chinese tech enthusiasts in a manner of 24 hours and 7 days. Each time there is a big event or there is a new gadget released, Chinese readers would know at the first time, no matter whether they know any English word or not.

But the opposite is not the fact.

There are so many things happen every day in China's tech industry, however, only those seen as huge developments are covered by media giants like Bloomberg and Reuters. A lot of interesting developments and intriguing new devices are left unreported in the English world.

That creates a huge information gap for English readers. Things happen here are sometimes unheard of, and sometimes those do make their way to the English world get misunderstood.

So we built this site, with the aim of bridging this gap and helping English readers have a better understanding of what's going on in China's tech industry.