Huawei says HarmonyOS 2 surpasses 100 million users
As of September 12, Huawei's HarmonyOS 2 user base has exceeded 100 million, about three months after its launch, according to Richard Yu, Huawei's managing director and CEO of its consumer business.
Tencent resumes new user registration for WeChat
WeChat had 1.24 billion combined monthly active accounts in the first quarter, up 3.3 percent year-over-year and up 1.4 percent from the previous quarter, according to Tencent's earnings report for the first quarter.
Honor of Kings upgrades rules, bans users under 12 from topping up
Tencent has imposed further restrictions on minors' game spending, with its most popular game Honor of Kings releasing new rules on Wednesday that show users under the age of 12 are banned from topping up in the game.
Tencent testing NokNok, a Discord-like social app for gamers
Tencent's Platform and Content Group (PCG) is internally testing a Discord-like social app for gamers called NokNok, or "KK" as it is known internally.
Tencent announces new measures to reduce impact of games on minors
Tencent on Tuesday announced new measures to reduce the impact of games on minors, amid a renewed focus on the topic.
WeChat suspends new user registration for personal accounts, expected to resume in early August
Tencent's social networking software WeChat has closed its new user registration portal for personal accounts, saying it is undergoing a technical upgrade.
Huawei releases HMS Core 6.0
HMS Core 6.0 opens up Huawei's technologies in several areas, including media applications, graphics rendering, and network acceleration.
TikTok becomes first app not owned by Facebook to reach 3 billion downloads
TikTok and its Chinese version Douyin reached 65 million downloads in June, bringing its cumulative downloads to 3 billion, making it the first non-Facebook app to reach this milestone, according to a report by mobile app data analytics firm Sensor Tower.
Didi's mini-program removed in WeChat, Alipay
The mini-programs in WeChat and Alipay provided users with access to services without having to download Apps. Under normal circumstances, this would be convenient for both users and service providers, but when these mini-programs are not available, it can also have an impact on the operators' business.
Huawei starts pushing first official version of HarmonyOS 2 to 18 models
Huawei has finally started pushing the first official version of HarmonyOS 2 to users after the end of public beta testing.