Tencent launches NFT trading software
Tencent's NFT trading software "Huanhe" (literally means phantom core) app has been launched, with a limited edition of 300 digital collectibles of NFT on sale.
One of the most influential cryptocurrency media stops operations in China
Chinese cryptocurrency media outlet has announced it is ceasing operations of its app and website as of July 15, according to local media outlet
BTCChina completely exits crypto trading business as China ramps up crackdown
BTCChina has announced a full exit from its cryptocurrency trading business as China continues to increase its crackdown on cryptocurrencies.
Alipay to blacklist merchants engaging in cryptocurrency transactions
In China's unprecedented crackdown on cryptocurrencies, avenues for holders of these virtual assets to turn them into cash are being blocked.
Chinese beauty app Meitu has lost more than $2 million on its positions in cryptocurrencies
Chinese beauty app Meitu once had a large gain after following the lead of Tesla in investing in cryptocurrencies, but the company has lost more than $2 million on its investment as the price of such assets has fallen sharply recently.
Crypto bloodbath: Bitcoin down over 30%, Ether down about 46%
As of press time, data from the Huobi platform shows Bitcoin falling below $30,000, down 32% from 24 hours ago and a new low since January.
China's official securities media calls for tighter regulation of cryptocurrency trading
Commentary published in China's official securities media is often highly regarded as it may signal the direction of regulatory winds. Now, the latest commentary calls for tighter regulation of cryptocurrency trading.
Bitcoin falls below $50,000
Bitcoin fell below $50,000 for the first time since March 8, down more than 8% from 24 hours ago, Bitstamp data shows.
Bitcoin keeps bleeding, drops 6% to below $53,000
In the past week, bitcoin's price has fallen about 17% from $63,640.
Bitcoin breaks $63,000 to set new all-time high
Bitcoin surpassed $63,000 and Ether surpassed $2,200 on April 13, both setting new all-time highs, according to CoinMarketCap.