GAC NIO says it becomes first automaker in China to accept payments in Bitcoin, then deletes post
GAC NIOannounced on Weibo today that it will accept Bitcoin payments for car purchases, the first of its kind in China.
European users will soon get their Binance Visa credit cards
In addition to the physical card launch in the EEA, Binance has added Ether (ETH) support to its crypto debit card so that customers can now pay with its tokens.
Foxconn attacked by hackers, $34 million bitcoin ransom demanded
The attack took place over Thanksgiving weekend and infected about 1,200 servers, with 100GB of unencrypted files stolen and 20TB to 30TB of backup data deleted.
A major Chinese bank issues offshore bond that accepts payment with Bitcoin
China Construction Bank, one of the country's big four state-owned banks, has partnered with a digital exchange to raise up to $3 billion from a sale of bond that individuals and institutions can trade with US dollars or Bitcoin.
Is Bitcoin competitive with the PBOC's digital currency
It can seem at times as if China is essentially seeking to leapfrog bitcoin. At various times in the last several years the government has imposed restrictions on the leading digital currency; just last year, in fact, local exchanges halted service as part of a fresh crackdown. This time though, the restrictions came about even as the country's top leadership announced support for blockchain technology — with a Chinese digital currency founded on that technology on its way. Now, that Chinese digital currency is beginning to make itself known. Controlled by the People’s Bank of China, this currency is meant to be an exact digital replica of the yuan, and is now known as the e-RMB (or digital RMB). And its primary perk is expected to be stable value. Because it’s effectively a state-backed currency, its value can be more or less controlled, just as the ordinary Chinese yuan (or any national currency) can be to some extent. This in theory separates the e-RMB from bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is not another cryptocurrency so much as a digital fiat...
Digital RMB: How is it different from WeChat and Alipay?
The WeChat, Alipay, and even bank credit cards that we use every day can be described as a digital currency in the broad sense. So what is different about PBOC's digital currency offering?
SMIC is rumored to be making chips for virtual currency mining
A 14nm chip for virtual currency mining jointly manufactured by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) and Canaan Technology has completed testing and will be mass-produced and shipped in the second quarter of this year, according to
Douyu's latest update exploits with user computers for 'mining'
Mining here doesn't mean mining bitcoin or Ether, but rather using your computer as a node to distribute live stream content.
Baidu engineer sentenced to 3 years in jail for using its server to mine Bitcoin
From mining, selling Bitcoins to being sentenced to 3 years, this was the experience of a former Baidu employee in just 7 months.