Xiaomi unveils concept smart glasses
Xiaomi on Tuesday unveiled a new concept product -- the Xiaomi Smart Glasses Explorer Edition -- that looks little like regular glasses but delivers a smart experience.
Honor launches Magic 3 series smartphones with prices starting at $710
Honor announced the Magic 3 series of smartphones on Thursday, offering three models with prices starting at RMB 4,599 ($710).
Xiaomi unveils Mi MIX 4 with prices starting at about $770
Xiaomi announced the Mi MIX 4 with four versions priced from RMB 4,999 ($770) to RMB 6,299.
Huawei unveils 4G-only P50 series smartphones
Huawei announced the P50 and P50 Pro smartphones on Thursday, and due to chip supply constraints, they unfortunately only support 4G instead of the latest 5G networks.
Huawei to release P50 series smartphones on July 29
Huawei is about to launch its highly anticipated P50 series smartphones at the end of this month, which will showcase its new imaging technology.
Honor to hold global launch event for Magic 3 series on August 12
It didn't provide any more information, but according to a digital blogger, the phone, codenamed Elizabeth, features an engineering unit with a 6.76-inch OLED display and a resolution of 2,772*1,344.
Xiaomi ranks second in global smartphone market for first time
For an already saturated global smartphone market, Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi's share is still growing.
Huawei P50 Pro will reportedly be powered by Kirin 9000 at launch, and will switch to Qualcomm chips in few months
Restrictions on access to chips have made the launch of Huawei's P50 series of smartphones difficult. Now, the company seems to have found a compromise.
Huawei announces MatePad 11 with prices starting at about $386
The MatePad 11 is the first Huawei tablet to support 120Hz refresh rate, providing a smoother visual experience in gaming and office scenarios.
Huawei to release MatePad 11 with HarmonyOS on July 6
The Huawei tablet MatePad 11 with HarmonyOS 2 will be released at 19:30 on July 6 Beijing Time, the Chinese tech giant announced Monday.