Report that Apple cut all iPhone orders by 20% dismissed as false
"In fact, not only has demand not decreased, but sales of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro have been better than expected."
Chinese police seize iPhones smuggled by drones
Chinese police reported a drone smuggling case on January 21 in which smugglers used drones to smuggle 1,145 iPhones, according to CCTV.
Apple selects a vendor as independent repair provider for first time in China
In the fierce competition for smartphones in China, retaining consumers through after-sales is a good option and will put pressure on competitors.
BOE said to have completed its first shipments of OLED screens to Apple last week
Chinese panel maker BOE had completed its first AMOLED panel deliveries to Apple for the iPhone by December 25, measuring 6.1 inches and numbering in the tens of thousands, tech industry research firm RUNTO said.
Chinese team finds security vulnerabilities in Apple M1 chip devices and iPhone 12 Pro
Tencent Xuanwu Labs has successfully breached the latest MacBook equipped with the M1 chip and the iPhone 12 Pro using newly discovered security flaws, according to Tencent Security.
Apple reportedly asks supply chain for samples to speed development of foldable iPhone
Apple is expected to release the first foldable iPhone in September 2022 at the earliest.
Apple's Tmall flagship store temporarily removes iPhone 12/12 Pro
Update: The official Apple Tmall store has restored listing the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro models by 2:40 pm.
Apple reportedly increases iPhone 12 orders by 2 million due to strong demand
Apple has placed additional orders for the iPhone 12 due to brisk sales.
Huawei and Apple are the only two vendors in China's high-end phone market, analyst says
In China's high-end smartphone market, there are only two suppliers - Apple and Huawei, Canalys analyst Mo Jia said recently.
Chinese phone makers won't follow Apple with small-screen Android phones
In Apple's iPhone 12 series models released this month, the iPhone 12 mini became a reason for excitement for users who prefer smaller screen phones. However, in the Android camp, there seems to be no sign of manufacturers following suit.