Tencent reveals for first time share of game revenue from elementary school students
Minors under the age of 16 accounted for 2.6 percent of its online game revenue in China, including just 0.3 percent from elementary school students under the age of 12, the company said.
Honor of Kings upgrades rules, bans users under 12 from topping up
Tencent has imposed further restrictions on minors' game spending, with its most popular game Honor of Kings releasing new rules on Wednesday that show users under the age of 12 are banned from topping up in the game.
Tencent announces new measures to reduce impact of games on minors
Tencent on Tuesday announced new measures to reduce the impact of games on minors, amid a renewed focus on the topic.
Official media blames online games as 'spiritual opium', sending Tencent, NetEase shares diving
The report triggered a plunge in the share prices of Hong Kong-listed companies with gaming businesses. Tencent Holdings and NetEase fell more than 10 percent, and CMGE fell more than 21 percent.
Tencent says it's buying game developer Sumo Group for nearly $1.3 billion
The stock went up by 40.59 percent to 503.32 pence on the news as of press time.
Tencent invested in an average of one game studio every 7 days in H1
Honor of Kings and Game for peace are all popular games from Tencent, and behind this is the company's near-frenzied investment.
Tencent's TiMi Studio Group, Xbox Game Studios sign deal to jointly create game content
TiMi was founded in 2014, and Honor of Kings is one of its most successful titles.
Sony launches PS5 in China
Sony launched the PlayStation 5 in China on April 29, with the Digital Edition priced at RMB 3,099 ($479) and the Standard Edition priced at RMB 3,899.
Dissatisfied with setting of game's characters, man arrested for trying to assassinate miHoYo's founders
The report said there were rumors that the suspect's motive was related to the recent furore in China over miHoYo's mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd.
ByteDance's gaming business acquires another local game developer
Beijing-based TikTok owner ByteDance has wholly acquired C4games, the developer of Red Alert Online.