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Huawei releases HarmonyOS 2.0 Developer Preview Beta 2 for phones and tablets
Huawei recently pushed out HarmonyOS 2.0 Developer Preview Beta 2 for phones and tablets, two months after the first push of the system.
Huawei says EMUI 11’s user base exceeds 100 million
Chinese tech giant Huawei says its mobile system EMUI 11 has more than 100 million users, adding that the next system update will be for HarmonyOS.
Xiaomi MIUI 12.5 launched, brings features similar to Apple's Continuity
At the Xiaomi 11 launch event on Monday, Xiaomi unveiled MIUI 12.5 with significant performance and privacy improvements and features like Apple's Continuity.
NIO explains its improved OTA capability brought by NIO OS 2.8.0
With the launch of NIO OS 2.8.0, the OTA capability of all NIO models has also been enhanced including both FOTA and SOTA.
Tesla pushes firmware update with new features for Chinese car owners
The new version of the software displays zoomed-in images of intersections with arrows on the instrument cluster (Model S and Model X) and touchscreen (Model 3) to guide lane direction.
BYD launches automatic parking assist system upgrade for Shenzhen Han EV owners
APA is one of the key features of BYD DiPilot, which includes eight short-range ultrasonic sensors, four long-range ultrasonic sensors, four HD panoramic cameras, and one controller.
Huawei says over 10 million users have upgraded to EMUI 11 in less than 3 months
At the Huawei Developer Conference 2020 on September 10, Huawei officially launched the EMUI 11 system.
NIO releases NIO OS 2.8.0 with optimizations including walk-away auto-lock
NIO on November 30 officially released NIO OS 2.8.0, which will be pushed to ES6, ES8 and EC6 vehicles with current version 2.6.5 and above in batches via FOTA from now on.
Huawei HarmonyOS developer beta expected to be available on Dec 18
Huawei's HarmonyOS developer beta is expected to be available on December 18 and will allow some mobile phone users to upgrade HarmonyOS in January or February next year, Weibo digital blogger @长安数码君 said.
Huawei announces EMUI 11 upgrade plans, covering 37 devices
Huawei's EMUI team announced on October 29 an upgrade and adaptation plan for EMUI 11, which is claimed to be able to run smoothly for 36 months, covering 37 mobile phones and tablet products from Huawei and Honor brands.