Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba unveils ARM server chip Yitian 710, boasting strongest performance in the industry
The chip was taped out in July and will be used in Alibaba Cloud data centers.
Alibaba Cloud market share overtakes Google to become No. 3 in the world
From 2016 to 2020, Alibaba Cloud's share rose from 3.7% in 2016 to 9.5% in 2020, up for the fifth consecutive year; AWS's market share fell from 53.7% in 2016 to 40.8% in 2020.
Alibaba enables five super data centers to support China's biggest annual shopping spree
To support Alibaba's record-breaking transaction peaks, five super data centers, including Zhang Bei, Ulanqab, Heyuan, Nantong and Hangzhou, will work together to provide computing power during the Singles Day shopping festival on November 11, said Zhou Ming, vice president of Alibaba Group and head of Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure unit. 
Alibaba discloses R&D investment for first time: Over RMB 100 billion annually
At the 2020 Alibaba Global Investor Conference, Alibaba Group Chief Financial Officer Wu Wei revealed for the first time that in recent years, Alibaba has been investing more than 100 billion yuan a year in technology and research and development.
Alibaba's Hanguang 800 AI processor has been put to use, delivering 4-11x better performance than GPUs
A year ago, Alibaba unveiled its first AI chip, the Hanguang 800, the most powerful AI reasoning chip at the time. The company recently shared an update on the Hanguang 800's progress nearly a year after its launch.
Here are everything Alibaba unveiled today: Cloud computer, logistics robot, cloud gaming platform and more
Zhang Jianfeng, president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Business Group and president of Alibaba DAMO Academy, today unveiled Wuying, Alibaba's first cloud computer, a supercomputer that grows in the cloud, at the 2020 Apsara Conference.
Alibaba Cloud will use AI to improve Beijing's traffic congestion
Alibaba Cloud announced today that it will fully serve the construction of Beijing City Brain, using AI to alleviate local traffic congestion problems.
Alibaba Cloud completes three new super data centers, will add over a million servers
Alibaba Cloud, the biggest cloud service provider in China by market share, today announced the opening of three super data centers in Nantong, Hangzhou and Ulanqab that will add over a million servers.
Baidu tops share of China's AI cloud services market in 2019, IDC says
China's AI cloud services market reached $166 million in 2019, led by Baidu Intelligent Cloud, followed by Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud, according to a report released today by IDC. 
China's hot stock market raises demand for cloud services from brokers
In the past few days due to the sudden surge in trading volume in the Chinese stock market, Alibaba Cloud, or Aliyun has received expansion requests from several securities firms to address their app data delays and trading logjams.