Huawei P50 Pro will reportedly be powered by Kirin 9000 at launch, and will switch to Qualcomm chips in few months
Restrictions on access to chips have made the launch of Huawei's P50 series of smartphones difficult. Now, the company seems to have found a compromise.
Qualcomm said to launch 4G version of Snapdragon 888, possibly for Huawei
It could be for Huawei as the Chinese tech giant's own chip-making is currently suspended due to the US ban
Honor to launch new products using Qualcomm chips, CEO says
Honor will use Qualcomm chip solutions to build Honor's products in the future and that both Qualcomm and MTK will be strategic partners for Honor's future chips.
Honor said to be working on 5G phones with Qualcomm chips
The specific details are unknown, and it is unclear whether the Qualcomm 5G chip is the latest Snapdragon 888.
Qualcomm confirms Snapdragon 888 naming tied to Chinese team effort
Qualcomm China chairman Meng Pu said at Qualcomm that the Snapdragon 888's naming did indeed involve the Chinese team and a lot of input from Chinese vendors.
14 vendors, including Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, will be first to launch Snapdragon 888-powered handsets
Qualcomm clearly knows how to cater to Chinese handset makers and consumers.
Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 888 5G flagship processor with X60 baseband integration
The 888 sounds like Fafafa (fortune, fortune, fortune) in Chinese, which means wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture, so it should be very popular with Chinese handset makers.
Qualcomm spokesman says license to supply some products to Huawei has been granted
Responding to media reports that it has secured the supply of some products to Huawei, a Qualcomm spokesperson told nbd.com.cn that "we have secured licenses (to Huawei) for some of our products, including some 4G products".
Qualcomm reportedly cleared to sell 4G chips to Huawei, license to sell 5G chips pending
Qualcomm has received a license to sell 4G chips to Huawei, Yicai.com quoted the upstream supply chain vendor as saying on November 13.
Huawei's woes expected to ease as Qualcomm reportedly gets permission to supply chips
The crucial chip conundrum for Huawei is set to see the light of day.