Chinese firm receives ASML-1400 lithography for projects involving 193nm processes
Chinese semiconductor company Shanghai Sinyang announced on March 8 that it has received an ASML-1400 lithography to be used for 193nm ArF dry photoresist product development.
ASML demonstrates DUV mask aligner for 7nm processes in China
The mask aligner manufacturing giant ASML is present at the ongoing 3rd China Import Expo, and is exhibiting the DUV mask aligner at its own booth, Chinese media reported.
Chinese company Han's Laser says it has received orders for its in-process lithography machine
Han's Laser Technology, a Chinese-based company principally engaged in manufacturing of laser and automatic auxiliary equipment, said in response to investor questions today that the lithography machine it is developing has received a small number of orders.
Chinese company develops new kind of lithography equipment
SVG Group, a Chinese technology company, announced on Monday that it has launched industrial production of its iGrapher 3000, the world's first large-scale UV-3D direct lithography machine.
Huawei applied for patents on lithography equipment and systems four years ago
Huawei is reportedly recruiting lithography process engineers, which has sparked widespread interest. In fact, Huawei has already applied for patents for a lithography device and a lithography systems, which seem to have been prepared for the chip manufacturing process for a long time.
Huawei is hiring 'lithography engineer'
Huawei recently posted a new job ad seeking a "lithography process engineer".
A brief history of lithography
It seems to us today that after the invention of the transistor, the emergence of the integrated circuit up to today's supermassive integrated circuits was A thing that comes naturally.
SMIC Chairman: Procurement of EUV lithography progressing normally
SMIC's current projects do not require EUV lithography at the moment, said Zhou Zixue, Chairman of China's biggest foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC).
First China-made 28nm lithography machine expected to be delivered in 2021-2022
According to media reports, the Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment (Group) Co. (SMEE) announced that, building on the previous 90nm the first China-made 28nm immersion type lithography machine will be delivered in 2021-2022.