Douyin aims to reach 680 million daily active users this year
Douyin generated more than RMB 31 billion in ad revenue in the first quarter, and news aggregator Toutiao generated more than RMB 9.1 billion in ad revenue in the first quarter.
Douyin averages more than 600 million daily active users in Q1
On Chinese New Year's Eve, Feb. 11, Douyin's DAU reached a peak of 692 million.
Douyin says 318,000 women post selfie videos but then delete them every day
Douyin released female user data on International Women's Day, showing that in 2020 female users of Douyin posted 21.35 million relationship-related videos and 53.06 million videos documenting moments of hard work.
Douyin announces partnership with Euro 2020
BtyeDance's short video app Douyin, TikTok's Chinese version, said it became an official partner of Euro 2020 on March 4, 100 days before the opening of the 2020 UEFA European Champion.
ByteDance CEO says Douyin Search's monthly active users surpass 550 million
Beijing-based ByteDance CEO Zhang Nan said Thursday that Douyin Search's monthly active users exceeded 550 million, the first time ByteDance announced the number of active users on the short-video app's search business.
Douyin and TikTok top global non-game app revenue charts in January
In January 2021, Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, and TikTok earned nearly $128 million in App Store and Google Play worldwide, 3.8 times more than last January, and once again topped the global mobile app (non-game) revenue chart, according to Sensor Tower data.
More than $77 billion worth of goods traded through Douyin in 2020
More than RMB 500 billion yuan ($77.3 billion) worth of goods were traded through short-video platform Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, in 2020, a figure more than triple that of 2019, according to LatePost.
Tencent and TikTok owner ByteDance sue each other
Beijing-based TikTok owner ByteDance sued Tencent on Tuesday, accusing it of abusing its dominant market position. Tencent responded to the allegations as malicious and said it would file a lawsuit.
Douyin, Chinese version of TikTok, launches payment service
Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, today launched Douyin Pay, a payment service that gives users the option to pay with it in addition to Alipay and WeChat Pay within the short video app.
ByteDance's ad revenue in China expected to reach $27 billion this year
TikTok-owner ByteDance is expected to generate at least 180 billion yuan ($27.2 billion) in advertising revenue in China this year, which would cement the company's No. 2 position in the country's digital advertising market, Reuters reported on Wednesday.