VIA sells technologies including x86 to Shanghai Zhaoxin for $257 million
VIA Technologies announced on October 26 that it is selling certain intellectual property rights (excluding patent rights) related to chip products to Shanghai Zhaoxin, in which it holds an indirect 14.75% stake, in a transaction valued at $139 million.
Chinese CPU maker Zhaoxin to release stand alone GPU this year
In a redesigned official website, Chinese CPU maker Shanghai Zhaoxin Semiconductor talked for the first time about its plans to launch stand alone GPU products.
Chinese CPU maker Zhaoxin launches new website to better showcase product info
Shanghai Zhaoxin Semiconductor, a Chinese CPU manufacturer with its name roughly translates to 'million core,' said its website (www. zhaoxin.com) was completely redesigned on July 7.
China-made Zhaoxin CPU enters the Silicon 100 list
After the KX-6000 series x86 processor entered the "Shanghai Design 100+" list, China-made Zhaoxin CPU has recently been added to the global "Silicon 100" list for 2020.
China-made x86 CPU wins award with performance that rivals Core i5
On May 25, Shanghai Zhaoxin announced that its KX-6000 series x86 processor has been selected as one of the "Shanghai Design 100+", which is an event that Shanghai invited a team of experts and citizens to select for three months, promoting the "Shanghai Design" brand.
Laptops with China-made processors released
On May 8, Chinese firm IP3 Technology and Shanghai Zhaoxin launched new products based on 16nm China-made x86 processor including desktops, all-in-one PCs, MINI-PC, laptops, ruggedized notebooks and industrial control machines.
Chinese PC maker IPASON launches Zhaoxin-based high-performance PCs
Chinese PC maker IPASON launched two PCs based on the Kaixian KX-6000 series processor platform, named Taishan and Huashan, CPU maker Zhaoxin said today.
Chinese PC maker releases desktops equipped with Zhaoxin processor
Chinese PC brand Donghai Computer has launched a variety of desktop computers based on the Zhaoxin CPU platform.
HP releases desktop PC based on China-made processor
HP today announced the desktop computer HP 268 Pro G1, which uses the Zhaoxin Kaixian E series processor made in China for the first time.
First China-made x86 Mini PC is launched
Ruijie Networks recently announced the launch of the new Xinchuang PC "RG-CT7800", which is equipped with a China-made x86 architecture-based Zhaoxin processor. It is the first Mini PC based on the Zhaoxin platform.