Italy gives conditional approval for Vodafone to use Huawei 5G equipment
Italy imposed a series of conditions, including restrictions on Huawei's ability to fix technical glitches through remote intervention and set extremely high security thresholds, according to the report.
China has built 819,000 5G base stations, accounting for 70% world's total
China has 280 million 5G cell phone end-user connections, accounting for more than 80 percent of the world's share, the MIIT said.
China Mobile's 5G users reach 165 million
China Mobile's investment in 5G totaled RMB 102.5 billion ($15.68 billion) in 2020, with 340,000 new 5G base stations built and a cumulative total of 390,000 5G base stations opened.
Huawei to start charging 5G royalty rates this year
Huawei will offer a reasonable percentage rate applied to the phone's selling price, the company said, without disclosing the exact percentage.
China's largest and smallest operators plan to jointly build 400,000 700MHz 5G base stations this year
China's largest and smallest operators, China Mobile and China Broadcasting Network, announced plans to jointly build 400,000 700MHz 5G base stations this year at a network conference held on Wednesday.
China Mobile, Huawei unveil new 5G calling solution
The solution, an enhanced form of call service based on IMS Data Channel architecture, features high definition, visualization, and interactivity.
China has opened 718,000 5G base stations, accounting for 70% of world's total
China has invested more than RMB 260 billion yuan in 5G network construction and will continue to promote the development, construction, and application of 5G networks in the future.
China Mobile to build 700MHz 5G network with China Broadcast Network
Chinese telecom operators China Mobile and China Broadcast Network have entered into a 5G sharing agreement on jointly building a 700MHz wireless network, while China Mobile will also share its 2.6GHz network with China Broadcast Network for a fee.
Beijing to build 6,000 new 5G base stations this year
By the end of 2020, the number of 5G base stations in Beijing has exceeded 37,000, basically achieving continuous coverage in urban areas and key business districts.
China Mobile says it has 165 million 5G subscribers
China Mobile's 5G subscription customer base grew by a net 17.621 million in December 2020 to reach a cumulative 165.03 million, according to figures released by the company today.