China-made Chips

Alibaba unveils ARM server chip Yitian 710, boasting strongest performance in the industry
The chip was taped out in July and will be used in Alibaba Cloud data centers.
Alibaba reportedly to release Arm server chip
The chip has 128 cores and is built on a 5nm process, making it the most advanced server chip in terms of process, surpassing similar products from Amazon and Huawei.
Vivo's first chip will be an imaging chip called V1
Vivo's first chip will be a professional imaging chip called V1, which has already been mass-produced and will be installed in Vivo's new flagship X70 series.
Vivo hiring chip engineer with annual salary of up to $280,000
The position requires more than 10 years of experience in ISP image processing algorithms and design-related work, with key responsibilities including team formation and technical planning.
Baidu announces mass production of Kunlun 2 chip
Kunlun 2, a 7nm AI chip developed by Chinese search engine giant Baidu, has achieved mass production, the company announced on Wednesday.
SMIC says its FinFET process is in production with 15,000 wafers per month
SMIC's FinFET process is in production and has a capacity of 15,000 wafers per month, Zhao Haijun, the chief co-executive officer of the leading Chinese contract chipmaker, said Friday.
TSMC reportedly plans to boost 28nm wafer capacity at Nanjing plant by 150%
TSMC will adjust the Nanjing plant's 7nm process to 28nm, possibly to guard against trade risks.
OPPO, Vivo reportedly to launch their own chips soon
In addition to ISP chips, OPPO and Vivo are also pushing ahead with plans to develop SOCs that could replace some Qualcomm and MediaTek chips in the future.
Vivo reportedly to launch first in-house developed chip soon
Chinese smartphone maker Vivo is set to launch its first in-house developed chip, internally codenamed "Yueying," reported Monday.
Huawei's first flexible OLED driver chip enters trial production, report says
Huawei's chip division HiSilicon's first flexible OLED driver chip has entered trial production and is expected to be delivered by the end of this year, reported.