TSMC reportedly plans to boost 28nm wafer capacity at Nanjing plant by 150%
TSMC will adjust the Nanjing plant's 7nm process to 28nm, possibly to guard against trade risks.
TSMC said to spend $2.9 billion to expand production in Nanjing to alleviate global chip shortage
Unlike cell phones, game consoles, and other consumer electronics products, the automotive requirements for the chip process are not very high, and 28nm chips are enough.
SMIC's product yields using 14nm process said to have reached TSMC's level
China's leading contract chipmaker SMIC's 14nm process yields have reached 90-95 percent, tying TSMC's equivalent process.
SMIC co-CEO offers to resign as company hires former TSMC exec
SMIC co-CEO Liang Mong Song said that he had no prior knowledge of SMIC's hiring of Chiang for the position of vice-chairman and believed that he was no longer respected and trusted.
TSMC reportedly helped Huawei stockpile 2 million 5G base station chips, enough for use next year
Huawei had been stockpiling 5G base station core chips for months ahead of the US ban deadline, ensuring availability at least through 2021, Bloomberg reported today.
TSMC rumored to get license to continue supplying some products to Huawei
Following AMD and Intel, TSMC has also received a license from the US Department of Commerce to continue supplying some of its mature process products to Huawei, Chinese chip industry website laoyaoba.com quoted a person with knowledge of the matter as saying.
Huawei reportedly chartered a plane to bring back all the Kirin chips
Huawei’s chip designing arm HiSilicon has already chartered a cargo plane to Taiwan to ship Kirin and other related chips back to the Chinese mainland by September 14, and such a scenario wouldn't normally happen, according to Tencent Tech.
Huawei's Richard Yu calls on Chinese companies to work together on chip manufacturing
Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's consumer business, said that China needs to accelerate its own chip manufacturing development, including semiconductor manufacturing process, which requires companies to work together.
Huawei reportedly pushing TSMC to deliver orders as 5nm Kirin chip delays release
Huawei has decided to postpone the release of its 5nm Kirin chip, as there are only two things for them to do now, the first is to keep a low profile and the other is to push TSMC to deliver the orders quickly, Sohu Tech reported Friday citing industry chain sources.
Over 100 TSMC engineers move to work in Chinese mainland companies, Nikkei says
More than 100 veteran engineers and managers from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), the world's leading chipmaker, have been hired by two Chinese chip companies since last year, the Nikkei Asian Review reported on Wednesday.