Alibaba AI can read CT images in 20 seconds with 96% accuracy
The AI diagnostic technology from Alibaba DAMO Academy can accurately interpret CT images of suspected cases of new coronavirus within 20 seconds with an accuracy of the analysis results reaching 96%, Alibaba said on Saturday.
New coronavirus detection device can offer diagnostic results in 40 minutes
Early detection of people infected of the novel Coronavirus has become an imminent challenge around the world as the epidemic continues to develop. Now, a new device has significantly reduced inspection time.
Will viruses get weaker from generation to generation?
Will the virus really become weaker as they spread? In fact, the answer to this question is easy to find in medical history.
How does Chinese tech firms fare by working from home?
Affected by the new coronavirus epidemic, in the first working week after the Spring Festival, many companies have stipulated that employees can choose to work from home. Relevant data shows that in the past week, more than 200 million workplace people worked online.
Drone reminds people to avoid staying out during coronavirus outbreak in China
The battle against a new coronavirus-associated pneumonia epidemic is continuing, and drones are starting to play a role in it.
Chinese expert says intensively developing new coronavirus vaccine
Li Lanjuan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said her team has isolated eight new coronaviruses in the laboratory, of which several are very suitable for vaccines and they are now working on it intensively, according to Wuhan City government.
Samsung temporarily closes largest flagship store in China
Samsung said on February 3 that due to prudent consideration and according to the latest recommendations of health experts, from now until February 9, Samsung's flagship experience store (The Bund) will be closed.
Huawei says production of its devices have resumed
Huawei had resumed production of goods including consumer devices and carrier equipment, and operations are running normally, Reuters reported on Monday citing a spokesman from the Chinese telecom giant.
World's largest work-from-home experiment in ongoing in China
Under the new coronavirus epidemic, China is seing the world's largest home office test.
Chinese phone shipments to fall by 30% in Q1 due to new coronavirus outbreak, report says
Chinese phone shipments to fall by 30% in Q1 due to new coronavirus outbreak