Chinese firm receives ASML-1400 lithography for projects involving 193nm processes
Chinese semiconductor company Shanghai Sinyang announced on March 8 that it has received an ASML-1400 lithography to be used for 193nm ArF dry photoresist product development.
ASML says SMIC purchase orders relate to existing agreement for DUV lithography
ASML said this is not a material event for ASML, but it constitutes a disclosable event for SMIC under the Hong Kong listing rules.
SMIC says it has signed $1.2 billion order with ASML
SMIC signed an order with ASML Holding N.V. for the purchase of its products used in the production of wafers for a total amount of $1.2 billion, the company said in an announcement today.
ASML exec says they remain open to exporting mask aligner to China
ASML is open to exporting IC mask aligner to China and will fully support it within the legal and regulatory framework, Shen Bo, global vice president and president of the mask aligner manufacturing giant's China region, said in an interview with on November 5.
ASML demonstrates DUV mask aligner for 7nm processes in China
The mask aligner manufacturing giant ASML is present at the ongoing 3rd China Import Expo, and is exhibiting the DUV mask aligner at its own booth, Chinese media reported.