Apple has over 4.4 million registered developers in Greater China, up 76% from two years ago
Apple now has more than 4.4 million registered developers in Greater China, up 76 percent from 2.5 million two years ago, the iPhone maker announced on May 31.
Chinese engineer cracks Apple M1 processor, upgrades MacBook's 8G RAM to 16G
Since Apple has packaged the processor, graphics card, and memory in the M1 chip, users can only choose higher capacity memory and SSD before purchasing the MacBook.
Ming-Chi Kuo cuts 2021 AirPods shipment forecast by 30%-35%
Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo on Monday lowered his forecast for AirPods shipments this year by 30-35 percent to 75 million units-80 million units, meaning he expects Apple's shipments of the product to fall by 10-15 percent year-on-year this year.
Report that Apple cut all iPhone orders by 20% dismissed as false
"In fact, not only has demand not decreased, but sales of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro have been better than expected."
Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple expected to launch AR glasses in 2025
Apple is expected to launch a VR headset in 2022, AR glasses in 2025, and AR contact lenses in 2030-2040, said Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned Apple analyst.
BOE reportedly to supply OLED panels for iPhone 13
Chinese display maker BOE will be one of the main suppliers of OLED panels for the iPhone 13 model, according to
Ming-Chi Kuo: New design will help MacBook shipments grow 25-30% this year
Kuo emphasized that the strong replacement demand for MacBooks will come primarily from the new model's specification and design changes, not just from working from home.
Young Chinese vlogger's interview with Tim Cook becomes hot topic among local Internet users
He has posted videos on Bilibili, the Chinese equivalent of YouTube, and has accumulated over 100 million video views and over 6.7 million followers.
Huawei, Apple and Xiaomi are the most recommended cell phone brands in China
Chnbrand, a brand rating agency, recently released its cell phone recommendation ranking, with Huawei topping the list with a C-NPS (China Net Promoter Score) of 27.8.
iPhone 13 reportedly about to be prototyped at Foxconn's Shenzhen plant
Some workshops at Foxconn's Shenzhen plant will soon enter the first stage of making samples for the iPhone 13, said on January 12, citing a person familiar with the matter.