UnionTech OS

WeChat is now available on UnionTech OS, the Chinese equivalent of Windows
WeChat is the most popular chat app in China with 1.21 billion monthly active users.
UnionTech OS ported to Xiaomi 6
The Deepin OS team recently said on Weibo that its community user BigfootACA has ported UnionTech OS to the Xiaomi 6 smartphone.
UnionTech OS V20 Personal Edition (1011) released
Union Tech, the developer of the China-made UnionTech OS, has announced the release of UnionTech OS V20 Personal Edition (1011).
UnionTechOS V20 Professional Edition (1022) released, optimized for Loongson and Kunpeng processors
Chinese operating system developer Union Tech on Tuesday released UnionTechOS V20 Professional (1022), an update that optimizes processors across multiple architectures, including AMD64, ARM64 and MIPS64.
UOS for Loongson comes with Sogou input method, the most popular input method in China
Chinese chip maker Loongson Technology has partnered with Union Tech, the developer of China-made operating system UOS, and Sogou Input Method to pre-install the input method Linux on UOS for Loongson.
China-made UnionTech OS gets an enterprise version
Union Tech, a Chinese operating system developer, said today that its UnionTech OS Server 20 Enterprise-C is now available.
China's most popular download tool supports UnionTech OS
Thunder, the most popular download tool in China, is now available on the UnionTech OS App Store. Thunder said it will help China-made chipset and operating system to provide users with fast, smooth and convenient download service.
UnionTech OS joins Chinese firms including Huawei to form Cloud Desktop Lab
Union Tech, the developer of the China-made UnionTech OS, announced that in order to promote the development of the domestic cloud desktop industry and ecology, it has set up the Cloud Desktop Laboratory of the National Certification Center for Universal Hardware and Software Adaptation together with Huawei and other companies.
UnionTech OS V20 Personal Edition offers free activation with a value-added service priced at 99 RMB/year
UnionTech OS V20 Personal Edition (1010) was released Thursday, offering features including a newly designed launcher menu, dual kernel mechanism, system experience tools, system backup and restore, fingerprint recognition, and system security enhancements.
UnionTech OS V20 Personal Edition (1010) released, adding support for QQ and WeChat
UnionTechOS V20 Personal Edition (1010) was released today, upgrading some Wine applications to achieve native application experience, with QQ, WeChat and other common popular applications can be used perfectly.