Loongson Technology

Chinese CPU developer Loongson Technology files for A-share listing
Chinese CPU designer Loongson Technology has applied for an A-share listing to fund its research and development.
Loongson unveils in-house developed instruction set architecture LoongArch in historic breakthrough
Chinese chip maker Loongson Technology on Thursday unveiled its fully in-house developed instruction set architecture, Loongson Architecture, or LoongArch, marking a major milestone for the Chinese IC industry.
Loongson Technology launches tablet with its own chip
The device is drop-proof, dustproof, and waterproof, and can also add an encryption and decryption security module.
Chinese chip maker Loongson says it has more than 1,000 partners
To date, Loongson Technology has more than 1,000 eco-partners, the Chinese chip maker said, adding that he Loongson Adaptation Alliance, which was set up in July this year, has attracted more than 50 tech giants.
Linux Lab starts full support for Loongson development environment
The "Linux Lab" open source project has recently been adapted to the Loongson development environment with the support of Loongson Technology's embedded division, the Chinese chip maker said on its WeChat account.
Chinese company launches laser printers with Loongson chip
Tianjin Optical Electrical Group Co., Ltd., a manufactures electric products, has recently launched several laser printers with the China-made Loongson 1C0300B as the main controller chip.
Chinese chip maker Loongson will release new book to help developers learn Linux kernel
Chinese chip maker Loongson Technology said that a kernel exploration book based on the Loongson platform will be released in early August to help kernel developers on Chinese CPU platforms learn the Linux kernel.
Chinese chip maker Loongson launches dedicated zone on its website in push for compatibility
Chinese chip maker Loongson Technology's official website recently opened the Loongson "Compatibility and Adaptation" section as a showcase of Loongson's eco-adaptation achievements.
Chinese chip maker Loongson unveils new operating system, Loongbian
Chinese chip maker Loongson Technology said it has completed the first phase of the Loongbian operating system, allowing the Loongson 2K1000 platform to meet the demands of HMI-type applications for display, computing, and browser performances. 
China-made processor releases a new version with 100% performance boost
Loongson Technology, China-based processor maker with independent property rights, released its next-generation general-purpose CPU products 3A4000 and 3B4000 on December 24 in Beijing.