Baidu announces mass production of Kunlun 2 chip
Kunlun 2, a 7nm AI chip developed by Chinese search engine giant Baidu, has achieved mass production, the company announced on Wednesday.
Baidu has reportedly turned its chip business into independent company
Baidu has recently turned its Kunlun chip business into a new, separate company and Ouyang Jian, the chief architect of the business, has become the company's CEO.
Baidu CTO says Kunlun 2 chip to be launched in second half of this year
Because of the uncertainty of the chip development process, the exact date cannot be determined yet.
Baidu's 7nm AI chip Kunlun 2 to be mass-produced soon
Announced in 2018, "Baidu Kunlun" is China's first cloud-based full-featured AI chip developed by Baidu.
Baidu Kunlun AI processor adapts to China-made Phytium 64-core CPU
Following Baidu Paddle deep learning platform, Baidu's Kunlun AI chip has also been adapted to the CPU made by Chinese IC design company Phytium Technology.
Baidu AI chip boasts up to 3 times the performance of Nvidia
On the afternoon of April 2, Ouyang Jian, General Manager of Baidu Smart Chips, shared the Kunlun chips for the first time in a public class, and disclosed a number of comparison data between the KunlunK200 and Intel T4 GPUs.
Baidu says its AI chip Kunlun adapting to China-made Feiteng server
Baidu Kunlun AI chip is adapting to the China-made Feiteng server for performance tuning, Ouyang Jian, general manager of Baidu Kunlun Chip, said at the "2019 Feiteng Ecological Partner Conference" held on Thursday.