Yangtze Memory sub-brand ZHITAI to release first SSD product this month
Following its launch late last month, ZHITAI, a sub-brand of Yangtze Memory Technologies, said today that it will launch the first SSD product under the new brand in September.
Chinese firm launches new SSDs with Yangtze Memory 3D NAND
Shenzhen-based Powev Electronic Technology Co., Limited today announced the release of its Gloway Yi Series SSDs, powered by Yangtze Memory 3D NAND.
Netac releases SSDs with all components made in China
Shenzhen-based Netac Technology Co., Ltd has released a new series of SSD products, with the main controller chip, flash memory chip and all manufacturing processes are done by Chinese companies.
Yangtze Memory 64-layer consumer SSD to be available in Q3
The Yangtze Memory 64-layer SSD is expected to be available in the third quarter of this year, Chinastarmarket said, citing supply chain sources.
Chinese firm Longsys launches SSD with Yangtze Memory flash
In mid-May, Longsys embedded storage brand FORESEE introduced a China-made storage module, and now FORESEE is introducing the G500 series of SSDs.
Konka's new PCIe SSD with 2GB/s read speed sells for $81 for 500GB version
Chinese electronics manufacturer Konka's PCIe SSD K550 series is now available on for pre-order and the 500GB version is priced at 579 yuan (USD 81).
How to clone a hard drive to another hard drive or SSD easily?
Data transfer happens frequently in our daily life. To release space on C drive, you may transfer files from C drive to D drive or other drives. To upgrade desktop or laptop hard disk, you may transfer data from the old disk to the new disk. Data transfer is also performed between different devices.
China-made SSD with Yangtze Memory's 64-Layer TLC Flash has 560MB/s of read speed
With Yangtze Memory's mass production of China-made3D flash memory, the spring of China-madeSSD is here. On May 15, Changsha Goke Microelectronics announced a long-term supply agreement with Yangtze Memory to purchase 64 layers of 3D flash memory developed by Yangtze Memory.
Chinese firm says its new algorithm greatly improves reliability of QLC flash memory
China's main control technology provider Maxio Tech recently announced the successful development of the 4K LDPC algorithm. This is the first time that domestic SSD control chip manufacturers have achieved continuous breakthroughs in this technology, which will greatly improve the reliability and service life of QLC flash memory.
More than 77% of computers in China now use SSDs
A total of 77.72% of computers in China now use SSDs, Master Lu released today ’s hard drive market statistics report for the first quarter of 2020.