Chinese scientists develop world's first quantum direct communication prototype
A Chinese team has recently successfully developed the world's first quantum direct communication prototype with practical value, realizing a 10-kilometer fiber optic link at a communication rate of 4 kb/s quantum confidential telephone, an article published today on the Ministry of Science and Technology's website showed.
Samsung to release world's first quantum encrypted phone in May, report says
Samsung always likes to test new water technology on the A series models, and the Samsung A71 5G that will soon land on the Korean market is no exception.
Quantum Communication will be possible in next decade, Huawei exec says
The ultra-wide, high-speed pipeline created by new connections based on 5G, Wi-Fi6, quantum communication and other technologies will become a bridge between the physical world and the digital twin world, and the cornerstone of the intelligent world, said Ma Yue, vice president of Huawei Enterprise BG.
A Chinese university achieves quantum orientation for 1st time
The University of Science and Technology of China has achieved efficient quantum orientation based on quantum entanglement measurement technology experiments for the first time, marking important progress in quantum orientation research, Anhui Daily reported on Sunday.
Chinese team achieves new breakthrough in quantum relay and network technology
A Chinese research team has successfully achieved quantum entanglement between two quantum memories connected by 50 km long optical fiber, laying the foundation for building a quantum network based on quantum relay, according to a paper published in the Nature magazine on February 12.