Alibaba, Baidu take stakes in local chipmaker Phytium
Alibaba and Baidu have taken stakes in local chipmaker Phytium Technology, according to information from data provider Tianyancha.
Chinese chip designer Phytium announces server CPUs based on 16nm process
Chinese chip designer Phytium Technology today unveiled the Tengyun S2500, the next generation of highly scalable multi-server chip.
Chinese firm establishes production line with annual capacity of 300,000 PCs with home-made parts
China Greatwall Computer's first manufacturing line in Shandong Province has been put into production in Yantai recently and the products have officially rolled off the production line. This marks that the computer manufacturing line based on China-made Phytium CPUs has a production scale of more than 300,000 units/year.
Chinese chip maker Phytium to release next-gen server CPU on July 23
Chinese chip designer Phytium Technology recently announced that it will release a new generation of server CPU on July 23rd. Baring any surprises, it will be the long-rumored FT-2500, which features eight Compute Units (CUs) and works out to a total of 512 Stream Processors (SPs).
Baidu Kunlun AI processor adapts to China-made Phytium 64-core CPU
Following Baidu Paddle deep learning platform, Baidu's Kunlun AI chip has also been adapted to the CPU made by Chinese IC design company Phytium Technology.