fast charging

China's draft regulation would cool competition in wireless fast-charging power for smartphones
A regulatory requirement set to take effect next year will put an end to competition among smartphone makers over wireless charging power.
OPPO to unveil new interactive charging technology on February 23
Chinese smartphone maker OPPO will unveil new interactive charging technology at MWC Shanghai on February 23 and will likely showcase new technologies such as the recently buzzed-about charging technology over space.
Huawei's new charger supports 135W fast charging
A new charger from Huawei has received regulatory approval, and it supports 20V/6.75A input, meaning up to 135W fast charging, according to a well-known Weibo blogger.
Qualcomm announces new fast charging standard that can fully charge your phone battery in 15 mins
Qualcomm yesterday announced a new fast charging technology called Quick Charging 5 (QC 5). Qualcomm claims that the new standard will charge a 4500mAh battery from 0 to 50 percent in 5 minutes and to 100 percent in 15 minutes.
Tencent reveals major quick-charge vulnerability affecting hundreds of millions of devices
Fast charging technology is developing faster and faster, and several Chinese phone manufacturers have even announced 100W and 125W super fast charging technology in the past few days.
Realme announces 125W fast charging technology after OPPO
After OPPO, Realme today also announced its super fast charging technology.
OPPO unveils 125W super fast charging technology that can charge up to 41% in 5 mins
OPPO today unveiled 125W super fast charging technology that can charge up to 41% in 5 minutes. The Chinese smartphone maker previously launched the VOOC, SuperVOOC and AirVOOC fast charging technologies.
iQOO demonstrates 120W fast-charging technology that can charge a phone to 50% in 5 mins
Chinese smartphone maker iQOO, a Vivo brand, unveiled its 120W ultra-fast charging technology at a tech briefing today and demonstrated the charging speed on a phone.
OPPO to unveil crazy 125W phone charging tech on July 15
Chinese smartphone maker OPPO announced today that it will unveil its 125W Super Flash Charging technology on July 15 at 15:00. This will be the fastest charging speed and highest charging power in the mobile phone industry.
OPPO could launch 80W fast charging SuperVOOC 3.0 next year
Over the past few years, OPPO has been pushing the boundaries of fast charging and it's set to take a new step forward.