Lei Jun: Xiaomi is building the next generation fully automated factory-cnTechPost

The first phase of Xiaomi's smartphone pilot plant in Beijing has been completed, and “the degree of automation is very high,” Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said on Thursday, adding that Xiaomi is already building the next generation of completely unmanned automated factory.

Lei Jun said, "Our experimental project is also highly automated. The first phase has been completed in Yizhuang, Beijing, and we are building the next-generation fully automated factory."

Lei Jun said that the current epidemic has indeed affected production capacity, because factories are shut down, and the Xiaomi 10 series may encounter shortages after one or two weeks, hoping that consumers will understand.

Earlier, Lei Jun stated at the World 5G Conference that Xiaomi is building a future factory in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, mainly to develop and produce Xiaomi's flagship mobile phones.

It was formally completed in December 2019, and the designed annual production capacity of the first phase is 1 million units.

The factory will use technologies such as automated production lines, 5G networks, and big data on a large scale to greatly increase production efficiency. It will automatically produce 60 smartphones per minute, which is more than 60% higher than traditional factories.

However, Xiaomi later added that the Yizhuang plant is a trial plant before mass production, not to mass-produce mobile phones there.