Xiaomi's MIUI surpasses 500 million monthly active users worldwide
MIUI surpassed 100 million monthly active users worldwide on August 19, 2015, and surpassed 200 million on June 6, 2018.
Xiaomi unveils concept smart glasses
Xiaomi on Tuesday unveiled a new concept product -- the Xiaomi Smart Glasses Explorer Edition -- that looks little like regular glasses but delivers a smart experience.
Xiaomi unveils Mi MIX 4 with prices starting at about $770
Xiaomi announced the Mi MIX 4 with four versions priced from RMB 4,999 ($770) to RMB 6,299.
Xiaomi becomes No. 1 in Southeast Asia smartphone market for first time
After becoming the No. 1 smartphone vendor in Europe, Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi has also won the crown in Southeast Asia.
Xiaomi says Mi Store Portugal's acceptance of cryptocurrency payments unrelated to it
Xiaomi has denied that one of its overseas online stores has started accepting cryptocurrency payments as its official act.
Xiaomi overtakes Samsung to become No. 1 in European market share
Xiaomi became the smartphone brand with the largest market share in Europe for the first time in the second quarter, overtaking Samsung and Apple, according to Strategy Analytics.
Xiaomi ranks second in global smartphone market for first time
For an already saturated global smartphone market, Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi's share is still growing.
Xiaomi smart factory Phase II construction began, expected to produce 10 million phones per year
Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi Smart Factory Phase II officially started construction today in Beijing's Changping District, its latest effort to automate production since its "Black Light Factory" debut last August.
Xiaomi offers $62.5 discount on foldable phone MIX FOLD
MIX FOLD has won a lot of praise for its low price, and now its official flagship store on a major e-commerce platform in China is offering a discount on the product that lowers the barrier to purchase even further.
Xiaomi reportedly reorganizes team to increase bet on mobile chips
Xiaomi is now in licensing talks with IP providers and has already started recruiting a team, the report said.