Ark Compiler

Huawei Ark Compiler officially supports C language
Huawei Ark Compiler has added support for C language, which is the basis for implementing mixed Java and C compilation.
Huawei rumored to be developing its own programming language, Char
Huawei is working on its own programming language called Char and the project has been in the works for a long time, a well-known Weibo blogger said, adding details are expected to be released to the public next year.
Huawei Ark Compiler completes optimization of first app
Huawei had previously open-sourced the Ark Compiler, and according to blogger @鹏鹏君驾到, the compiler has recently completed its first app optimization. 
Ark Compiler zone briefly appears on Huawei App Gallery
A dedicated section for Apps remade by Huawei's Ark Compiler briefly appeared in the Huawei App Gallery this afternoon.