XPeng Motors

XPeng opens supercharging station at Guangzhou airport
XPeng owners can charge for free at designated supercharging piles in the airport's T1 Terminal P5 parking lot and T2 Terminal P6 parking lot, and enjoy free parking for one hour.
XPeng plans to issue 48 million additional ADSs, up from 40 million previously planned
XPeng priced its follow-on offering of the ADS at $45 each, representing a 7.6% discount to its last closing price of $48.69.
Will NIO follow Tesla, XPeng, Li Auto in issuing additional shares?
William Li Bin, the founder of NIO, said the company has no plans to raise additional funding in the short term to support NIO's growth.
XPeng denies rumor that it resells vehicles to used car dealers at low prices
A user recently claimed on a short video platform that XPeng resold some of its vehicles to a used car itsss at low prices. The Chinese electric car company responded yesterday that this is false news, and reserved the right to pursue legal responsibility against those responsible.
XPeng announces plan to issue 40 million additional ADSs, stock down up to 10% pre-market
On December 2, Li Auto filed an F-1 with the SEC for the issuance of 47 million additional ADSs for net proceeds of approximately $1.62 billion.
XPeng says first batch of G3 SUVs arrives in Norway
The first batch of XPeng G3 SUVs has arrived in Norway more than two months after Tesla’s Chinese rival XPeng Motors started shipping the first 100 of its electric cars to Europe.
XPeng delivers 4,224 vehicles in Nov, up 342% year-on-year
XPeng's November deliveries reached 4,224 units, up 342 percent year-over-year, the Chinese electric vehicle company said today.
XPeng CEO urges employees not to focus on short-term ups and downs in stock price
On Monday, XPeng's stock price surged more than 30% and its market capitalization exceeded $50 billion, surpassing Baidu.
XPeng autopilot chief says Lidar costs not unacceptable
Lidar will help XPeng break through some of the boundaries of existing autopilot, improve vehicle safety and better adapt to the complexity of domestic roads, he said.
XPeng CEO hints Tesla will lose in autopilot field in China
"Starting next year, in the Chinese autopilot field, you have to be prepared to be beaten by us to find out where the East is," XPeng CEO He Xiaopeng said.