wireless charging

Xiaomi announces 5W long-range wireless charging technology
Xiaomi on January 29 announced Mi Air Charge — a long-range wireless charging technology that allows phones to be charged wirelessly whether in hands or in pockets.
Chinese city installs new streetlights that can offer wireless charging to phones
The Jianghan Road in central China's Wuhan has new streetlights installed that can provide wireless charging to mobile phones, according to the People's Daily. 
Xiaomi unveils world's fastest wireless charging tech, recharges 4,000mAh battery in 20 mins
Xiaomi's wireless charging technology has allowed charging power to exceed 80 watts for the first time, breaking the world record for wireless charging of mobile phones, the Chinese smartphone maker announced in Beijing on Monday. 
Will wireless fast charging reduce battery lifespan?
In this era where everyone can't get away from their phones, the battery life of the phone is becoming more and more important, and the advent of fast charging technology greatly reduces the charging time of the phone.
OPPO engineer: contactless wireless charging has cleared technical hurdles
The OPPO Ace2 is the first to support a 40W wireless flash charger, which is the highest wireless charging power to date and it even surpasses some wired fast charging.
Apple's new AirPower rumored to be released at year-end for $250
Blogger Jon Prosser said today that Apple's new AirPower wireless chanting pad is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2020 or the first quarter of 2021, with a price tag of about $250.
Oppo phone with 40w wireless charging will debuts this year
In 2020, the wireless charging function has almost become the standard configuration of flagship mobile phones, but from the perspective of the overall market share, the penetration rate of wireless charging is still low.
Android 11 will prompt when phone is not properly placed on wireless charging pad
The first developer preview version of the Android 11 system has been released. Some new features of the system have been discovered. Android 11 can now detect that the mobile phone is not properly placed on the wireless charging pad and give tips.
Vivo joins wireless charging alliance WPC
In February this year, vivo joined the WPC Wireless Charging Alliance.
Xiaomi unveils 40W wireless flash charging tech that can fully charge Mi 10 Pro in 40 mins
Xiaomi vice president Chang Cheng said on Weibo today that Xiaomi's new wireless flash charging technology has reached 40W, which allows Xiaomi 10 Pro to be fully charged in 40 minutes.