Web Security

Security Alert: Ransomware poses threat to QNAP NAS
Recently, the eCh0raix ransomware is active again, mainly using the combination of remote vulnerabilities in QNAP NAS server to spread, which poses a great threat to user's private data and property security, according to 360 Security.
Most Internet users do not change passwords after account leaks
Most Internet users also don't change their account passwords immediately after knowing they've been compromised, according to a recent study published by CyLab, Carnegie Mellon University's security and privacy research institute.
Mobile phishing attacks soar in Q1
Enterprise mobile phishing encounters increased 37 percent in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the fourth quarter of 2019, according to the Lookout 2020 Mobile Phishing Hotspots Report.
Large number of Chinese users RDP attacked because of simple passwords
A new study by security firm McAfee found that the number of attacks against Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) increased significantly during the new coronavirus epidemic.
Hacker claims to have stolen 500GB of data from GitHub private database
A hacker claims to have stolen more than 500GB of data from a private repository stored on a Microsoft GitHub account.
Team behind well-known ransomware Troldesh discloses 750,000 keys
The hackers behind Troldesh, the world's largest ransomware virus, announced that 750,000 keys were made public.
Chinese imaging AI firm hacked, coronavirus research sold online
New coronavirus (COVID-19) detection technology and data from Beijing-based Huiyi Huiying are being sold online by hackers for 4 bitcoins.
Nintendo confirms 160,000 accounts acquired by hackers
Nintendo is disabling Nintendo Accounts login via Nintendo Network ID (NNID), because 160,000 accounts have been affected by hacking attempts.
Ransomware attacks Chinese internet users just to show off
According to China-based Huorong security team, a number of users have recently reported experiencing a ransomware attack, where the attacker planted the ransomware via a backdoor virus.
WannaRen ransomware decryption tool is now available
Huorong Security, a Chinese network security provider, has produced a decryption tool for the WannaRen ransomware based on the key provided by the author of the virus.