China-made UOS exceeds 1 million installations by end of 2020
UOS, the equivalent of Windows, has more than 1 million installations by the end of 2020, its China-based developer Union Tech said.
China-made UOS developer launches ReFla, a Flash alternative
It aims to solve the problem of business system collapse caused by a large number of Chinese schools and enterprises relying on Flash for their business systems.
China-made UOS developer says its desktop ecosystem ready to replace Windows 7
China-made Unity Operating System (UOS) now supports all CPU platforms, and a large number of software adaptations have made its desktop ecosystem capable of replacing Windows 7, according to Union Tech, the developer of the OS.
Huawei said to launch business laptop with Kirin 990 and UOS in March
Huawei will launch a business laptop called the Qingyun L410 with Kirin 990 processor and UOS 20 in March next year, according to a well-known Weibo blogger.
Huawei said to release AMD-powered desktops at the end of this month
Huawei is likely to announce an AMD processor-powered desktop aimed at enterprise customers with a 23.8-inch display at the end of this month, Weibo digital blogger @路飞科技说 said, adding that a new product with Kunpeng processor will also be released along with it.
UnionTech OS ported to Xiaomi 6
The Deepin OS team recently said on Weibo that its community user BigfootACA has ported UnionTech OS to the Xiaomi 6 smartphone.
UOS for Loongson comes with Sogou input method, the most popular input method in China
Chinese chip maker Loongson Technology has partnered with Union Tech, the developer of China-made operating system UOS, and Sogou Input Method to pre-install the input method Linux on UOS for Loongson.
UnionTech OS V20 Personal Edition offers free activation with a value-added service priced at 99 RMB/year
UnionTech OS V20 Personal Edition (1010) was released Thursday, offering features including a newly designed launcher menu, dual kernel mechanism, system experience tools, system backup and restore, fingerprint recognition, and system security enhancements.
UnionTech OS V20 Personal Edition (1010) released, adding support for QQ and WeChat
UnionTechOS V20 Personal Edition (1010) was released today, upgrading some Wine applications to achieve native application experience, with QQ, WeChat and other common popular applications can be used perfectly.
UnionTech OS adapts to Toshiba's over 80 digital copiers
More than 80 Toshiba digital copiers have been tested for compatibility, functionality, and performance to meet the requirements of UnionTech OS V20's Compatibility and Adaptation Certification on the Loongson, Zhaoxin, Hygon, Phytium, Kunpeng, and Kirin platforms.