Tencent Cloud

Tencent's first data center in Indonesia goes live as it expands its cloud business globally
Tencent Cloud said it will open a second data center in Indonesia within the next year to seize the opportunities presented by the fast-growing mobile Internet there.
Tencent Cloud unveils new generation of servers with AMD's Milan processors
Fresh on the heels of AMD's release of its Milan server CPUs, Chinese cloud computing giant Tencent Cloud has unveiled a new generation of servers powered by the latest processors, saying it brings a multi-fold performance boost.
Tencent Cloud enables first 5G edge computing center
Tencent Cloud announced on October 14 that it has opened its first 5G edge computing center, which is being deployed to address issues such as lack of computing power and network latency that have long plagued real-time HD audio and video, smart communities, smart healthcare, industrial Internet and other scenarios.
Tencent Cloud releases lightweight application server that 'even elementary students can use'
Tencent Cloud today launched Lighthouse, a lightweight application server which the company claims is "easy for even elementary school students to grasp".
Intel, Tencent unveil new server with third-gen Xeon scalable processors
Intel and Tencent announced the joint development and launch of Tencent Cloud's first Star Sea Four-way Server with third-generation Xeon scalable processors at the Tencent 2020 Global Digital Ecosystem Conference today.
Baidu tops share of China's AI cloud services market in 2019, IDC says
China's AI cloud services market reached $166 million in 2019, led by Baidu Intelligent Cloud, followed by Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud, according to a report released today by IDC. 
Tencent establishes its first hardware lab to speed up server development
On April 9, Tencent Cloud announced the establishment of "Star Lake Lab", the first hardware engineering lab in Tencent's history to increase investment in technology.
Tencent releases China's first serverless database, reducing costs by 70%
Tencent Cloud today released China's first new serverless database product-PostgreSQL for Serverless. Compared with the database on the common cloud, the database can be deployed in as fast as 1 second, and the cost is reduced by 70%.
Tencent Cloud deploys Seagate dual magnetic arm hard drives
Seagate announced today that Tencent Cloud has introduced the Seagate Galaxy Exos 2X14 Enterprise Hard Drive, which is also the world's first hard drive with integrated MACH.2 dual-arm technology.
Tencent Cloud gives 8k employees iPhone 11 Pro awards for revenue reaching 10B
Tencent Cloud achieved a revenue target of 10 billion yuan in 2019. To this end, each of the members of the Tencent Cloud and Tencent Technology Engineering Group received a new iPhone 11 Pro mobile phone award, with more than 8,000 awardees.