OPPO's new patent enables brainwave information transfer between users
The patent abstract shows that its control method can effectively transmit the brainwave information of the first user to the second user accurately.
China ranks first in AI patent applications, 7.2 times more than US
China's AI patent applications amounted to 389,571, accounting for about 74.7 percent of global applications.
Huawei showcases 729 patents on its official website with patent wall
These patents are just a fraction of the 100,000 patents Huawei holds, including 5G, Wi-Fi, operating systems, photography, smart cars, future technologies, EVS, VVC, HEVC, optical technologies, and switching and routing.
Xiaomi's new patent can determine whether there are peeping toms via sensors
Xiaomi recently disclosed a new patent that protects user privacy by using sensors to determine whether there are prying eyes, according to data provider Qichacha.
Huawei holds 15.4 percent of global 5G patents
As of February, Samsung, Nokia and Qualcomm ranked second to fourth with about 13 percent share each.
Xiaomi affiliate gets patent on shared vehicles
The patent, which was filed in December 2020, claims to enable autonomous scheduling of shared vehicles and enhance the intelligence of shared vehicles.
Huawei discloses new smartwatch design patent, similar to its TalkBand B6
Huawei on January 29 disclosed a patent for a "watch" design similar to the Huawei TalkBand B6, according to data provider Qichacha.
Huawei's new patent extends life of lithium batteries
Huawei disclosed on February 5 a patent for the invention of "silicon-carbon composite material, its preparation method and lithium-ion battery," which it says can extend the service life of the battery.
Baidu's new patent allows phone users to 'blow away' message notifications
Chinese search engine giant Baidu has applied for a new patent that allows users to tuck away message notifications by blowing on them, according to data provider Qichacha.
Baidu ranks No. 1 in China in AI patent ownership and applications
Baidu holds the most AI-related patents and has filed the most AI-related patent applications of among companies in China, a recent study published by two units of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) showed.