OPPO, Vivo reportedly to launch their own chips soon
In addition to ISP chips, OPPO and Vivo are also pushing ahead with plans to develop SOCs that could replace some Qualcomm and MediaTek chips in the future.
OPPO adds semiconductor development to its business scope
OPPO's affiliate recently added the design, development, and sale of semiconductors and their components to its business scope.
OPPO's new patent enables brainwave information transfer between users
The patent abstract shows that its control method can effectively transmit the brainwave information of the first user to the second user accurately.
Fearing driver chip shortage, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo reportedly snapping up Samsung OLED displays ahead of schedule
In terms of orders, Xiaomi is very aggressive in sourcing a lot of flexible OLEDs from Samsung Display, meaning the company will hit the mid-to-high-end market in 2022, the report said.
OPPO, Vivo said to be working on foldable phones with in-fold design
Development of both phones is progressing quickly, but the latter launched a closer-to-production prototype in January and could be available sooner than the former.
OPPO said to announce results of its own chip project soon
OPPO is about to announce the results of its own chip project, and it's not a System on a chip (SoC) application at its core, a tech blogger said on Weibo Monday.
OPPO ranks No. 1 in China's smartphone market for first time in January
This was mainly due to the sanctioned Huawei phones and the release of the OPPO Reno5 series of phones.
After Xiaomi, OPPO unveils long-range wireless charging technology
OPPO has released a 30-second video on Weibo, showing a foldable phone being charged with long-range wireless charging technology.
OPPO to unveil new interactive charging technology on February 23
Chinese smartphone maker OPPO will unveil new interactive charging technology at MWC Shanghai on February 23 and will likely showcase new technologies such as the recently buzzed-about charging technology over space.
Chinese smartphone maker OPPO establishes university named after it
The OPPO University, which is open to both internal employees and eco-partners, aims to develop a talent pool to fuel OPPO's globalization strategy, it said.