Alibaba says its NFC technology extends distance from 20 cm to 3 meters
Alibaba recently announced that its self-developed NFC technology breaks through the limits of the communications industry, expanding the traditional near-field communication perception distance in any direction from 20 cm to 3 meters, the longest in the world.
Google Chrome Beta 81 adds web AR and NFC support
The current version of the Chrome 81 Beta installation package for Android has been released. The most important new feature is the addition of NFC and AR support in web pages.
BYD car owners will soon be able to unlock their cars with phones
Huawei Wallet will work with BYD DiLink to release mobile phone NFC car keys, EVzhidao quoted industry sources as saying.
Android bug alert: hackers can plant malware via NFC beaming
Google rolled out a patch on an Android bug that lets hackers install malware to a phone via NFC Beaming.