Loongson chips

Chinese company launches laser printers with Loongson chip
Tianjin Optical Electrical Group Co., Ltd., a manufactures electric products, has recently launched several laser printers with the China-made Loongson 1C0300B as the main controller chip.
Chinese chip maker Loongson will release new book to help developers learn Linux kernel
Chinese chip maker Loongson Technology said that a kernel exploration book based on the Loongson platform will be released in early August to help kernel developers on Chinese CPU platforms learn the Linux kernel.
China's Loongson says its chip shipments exceed 500,000 in 2019
The shipments of China-made Loongson chips has made it to more than 500,000 units in 2019, Hu Weiwu, chairman of Loongson Technology, said that at the launch event of Loongson 3A4000/3B4000 on December 24.