iPhone 12

Chinese police seize iPhones smuggled by drones
Chinese police reported a drone smuggling case on January 21 in which smugglers used drones to smuggle 1,145 iPhones, according to CCTV.
Chinese team finds security vulnerabilities in Apple M1 chip devices and iPhone 12 Pro
Tencent Xuanwu Labs has successfully breached the latest MacBook equipped with the M1 chip and the iPhone 12 Pro using newly discovered security flaws, according to Tencent Security.
Apple's Tmall flagship store temporarily removes iPhone 12/12 Pro
Update: The official Apple Tmall store has restored listing the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro models by 2:40 pm.
Apple says it's working with carriers to fix issue of iPhone 12's fast battery drain with 5G
Responding to media tests of the Apple iPhone 12's excessive power consumption when 5G is turned on, Apple's Vice President of iPhone Marketing Kaiann Drance said that the iPhone 12's added Smart Data mode can balance data and power, and that Apple is additionally working on the iPhone 12's power consumption through the Software systems, and partnerships with carriers to improve battery life.
iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max comes with 6GB of RAM, Chinese regulatory filings show
Regulatory documents released by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) show that the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max both come with 6GB of RAM, while the less expensive iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini both come with 4GB of RAM.
Chinese phone makers won't follow Apple with small-screen Android phones
In Apple's iPhone 12 series models released this month, the iPhone 12 mini became a reason for excitement for users who prefer smaller screen phones. However, in the Android camp, there seems to be no sign of manufacturers following suit.
Does the iPhone 12 mini last long enough for everyday use?
Last week, Apple unveiled its new product of the year, the iPhone 12 series, of which the iPhone 12 Mini is a brand new series. The ultra-small full-screen, ultra-slim, and lovingly light at 133 grams.
BOE reportedly to supply displays to iPhone 12 series by year-end
Chinese display maker BOE will supply it's products to Apple's new iPhones by the end of this year, Wise Finance said, citing unnamed industry sources.
This is what the iPhone 12 Pro looks like in real life
As per Apple's plan, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will be arriving to Chinese consumers as early as October 23. However, Weibo user @牛丸科技 has posted an unboxing video of the iPhone 12 Pro today, showing what the phone will look like in real life.
Ming-Chi Kuo: iPhone 12 pre-orders will drive Apple and supply chain's stock rally
The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro outperformed the iPhone 11 series pre-order results, favoring the recent rebound in Apple and industry chain shares, Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a research note.