HMS Core

Huawei releases HMS Core 6.0
HMS Core 6.0 opens up Huawei's technologies in several areas, including media applications, graphics rendering, and network acceleration.
Chinese phone brand Meizu said to integrate Huawei HMS Core in case Google GMS unavailable
If Meizu integrates HMS Core into its phone system, it will become another brand besides Huawei and Honor to support these services as a backup for when Google GMS is unavailable.
Huawei ends 9-month battle state for HMS development
Huawei is pushing the HMS ecosystem with the highest priority, and with the release of HMS Core 5.0, Huawei's battle state has temporarily ceased and employees are entering a new phase of work.
Huawei releases HMS Core 5.0, adds seven new services
Huawei today released HMS Core 5.0 for developers worldwide, adding services in seven new areas, including App Services, Graphics, Media, AI, Smart Device, Security, System.
Huawei HMS Core gets update, adds multiple services
Huawei HMS Core has recently received an update to add audio, video, image, graphics engines and other service capabilities.
Huawei offers HMS API to facilitate Covid-19 contact tracing app development
Huawei HMS Core has got version update, bringing in Contact Shield API, which will be used to trace and reduce Covid-19's presence in the population.
Huawei will replace HMS framework services with HMS Core app
Huawei has tested the HMS Core framework and HMS core applications in the Chinese market to replace Google Mobile Services (GMS) applications, according to IT Home.
Huawei releases HMS Core 4.0 to the world
Huawei released HMS Core 4.0 to the world on Thursday, saying that the launch of HMS Core 4.0 will help global developers to develop efficiently, grow rapidly, and succeed in business.
Huawei HMS Core 4.0 is coming with new push service
The HMS Core 4.0 is about to be released and the core functions will be increased from 14 to 24, HMS operations manager of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service said at the HUAWEI Developer Groups event on December 27.
HMS Core is here! Huawei explains Scan Kit
In a series of articles "HMS Core is Here," Huawei on Friday explained in detail the Scan Kit, a unified scanning service.