Electric Car

NIO launches used car trading business
NIO today released details of used car trading and officially launched its used car trading business.
NIO deliveries exceed 7,000 in December, up 121% year-on-year
Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker NIO (NYSE: NIO) delivered a total of 7,007 new vehicles in December, the fifth consecutive month with a record number of deliveries in a single month.
NIO refutes claims of massive order cancellations as false news
"The news that the official website system encountered a massive order cancellations is untrue, and we have already launched a complaint against the relevant platform," NIO said.
Tesla delivers more than 180,000 units in Q4, China-made Model Y to be delivered soon
Tesla delivered 180,570 units in the fourth quarter and saw 499,550 cumulative deliveries in 2020. It's a new milestone for the electric car maker, but slightly below CEO Elon Musk's goal of delivering 500,000 units for the year.
Model Y price cut in China seen as major impact on traditional luxury car makers
In the view of an industry association, the significant price cuts for the Tesla Model Y in China will have a huge impact on the luxury car market, not the emerging car makers.
Li Auto delivers 6,126 units in December, up over 500% year-on-year
Li Auto said it also had a record number of new orders in December but did not disclose specific figures.
New China-made Tesla Model 3 goes on sale, Performance version available for first time
In addition to the China-made Model Y, Tesla today announced the launch of the new Model 3, a chrome-trimmed blacked-out version of the model already available in overseas markets.
China-made Tesla Model Y goes on sale, price from about $52,000
On the first day of the New Year, the last piece of Tesla's "SEXY" portfolio in China was completed, and the price of the China-made Model Y was significantly reduced compared to the imported version.
NIO, Li Auto respond to China's new energy vehicle subsidy retreat
NIO said if customers pay the deposit on and before January 10, they can still purchase the car at the actual price in 2020, and the difference in the amount of national financial subsidies will be borne by NIO.
China's 2021 new energy vehicle subsidies to fall by 20 percent
China's new energy vehicle subsidies in 2021 will be backed down by 20% compared to 2020, four ministries, including China's Ministry of Finance, said in a document released today.