Alipay starts testing support for e-CNY
Alipay connects more than 80 million merchants and over 2,000 financial institution partners, with over 1 billion users in China.
Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com pilots payroll using e-CNY
Employees can deposit their e-CNY paychecks to their personal bank cards, or use them at e-CNY offline scenes, as well as when purchasing goods from JD.com.
China's central bank says it will consider using e-CNY for cross-border payments when conditions are right
The e-CNY, China's digital currency, will be used for cross-border payments when conditions are ripe to meet market demand, a Chinese central bank official said on April 1.
China's e-CNY pilot has seen 10 million people participate
China's e-CNY has run seven rounds of pilots in Shenzhen, Suzhou, Beijing, and Chengdu, distributing a total of RMB150 million ($22.88 million) in digital money.
China's central bank official says e-CNY to coexist with Alipay and WeChat Pay
If Alipay and WeChat experience technical or financial failures, it could have a negative impact on the stability of China's financial system, he said.
Chinese central bank official explains how e-CNY handles user privacy
E-CNY, China's digital currency, features "controlled anonymity," a Chinese central bank official said recently.