Alibaba's DAMO Academy says aiming for major breakthroughs in chips and quantum computing
Alibaba's research and innovation institute DAMO Academy says it will increase its investment in technology in an effort to achieve major breakthroughs in areas including chips and quantum computing.
Here are everything Alibaba unveiled today: Cloud computer, logistics robot, cloud gaming platform and more
Zhang Jianfeng, president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Business Group and president of Alibaba DAMO Academy, today unveiled Wuying, Alibaba's first cloud computer, a supercomputer that grows in the cloud, at the 2020 Apsara Conference.
Alibaba's autopilot upgrade gives LiDAR recognition more than 3x improvement
DAMO Academy, Alibaba's research and innovation institute, today announced that its sensing algorithm has enabled high-beam simulation of low-wire-beam LiDAR. This indirectly increases the LiDAR wiring harness by a factor of three or more, enabling low-cost generic LiDAR to replace high-cost radar, it said. 
China's Zhejiang province plans to invest over 10 billion yuan to set up innovation lab
The Zhejiang provincial government today announced that it will invest more than 10 billion yuan over five years to establish the Hupan Lab, which will be led by the Alibaba DAMO Academy and focus on data science for disruptive technological innovation.
Alibaba's tech achieves centimeter level positioning without GPS signal
The latest iteration of Alibaba DAMO Academy's high-precision positioning system, based on a tightly coupled algorithm fused with multiple sensors, achieves centimeter-level positioning that is not dependent on GPS signals.
Alibaba releases world's first autonomous driving simulation road test platform
Alibaba DAMO Academy today released the world's first autonomous driving "hybrid simulation test platform" which uses a combination of virtual and real simulation technology to introduce real drive test scenarios and cloud trainers.
Alibaba says its new processor improves night image recognition accuracy by 10%
Alibaba DAMO Academy announced today that it has independently developed an ISP processor for in-vehicle cameras, which allows autonomous vehicles to have better vision at night, thereby improving the safety of autonomous driving.
Wuhan launches AI platform that can identify 16,800 pathogenic microorganisms
Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital Pathogen Metagenomics Detection Platform has been launched recently. Through the introduction of Alibaba's DAMO Academy medical AI technology, it can simultaneously complete the whole genome sequence detection of new coronavirus and more than 16,800 pathogenic microorganisms.
Alibaba DAMO Academy establishes new lab to study 5G technology
At this stage, it mainly focuses on collaborative research and development of 5G technologies and applications.