China Tech

Alibaba unveils ARM server chip Yitian 710, boasting strongest performance in the industry
The chip was taped out in July and will be used in Alibaba Cloud data centers.
Alibaba reportedly to release Arm server chip
The chip has 128 cores and is built on a 5nm process, making it the most advanced server chip in terms of process, surpassing similar products from Amazon and Huawei.
Tianjin encourages research on IC technology for post-Moore era
Tianjin will support the R&D and application of technologies including integrated chip for perception and computing, 5G RF front-end module, blockchain technology and support system, and quantum technology.
China's high-speed rail has covered more than 95 percent of cities with a popula
China's highways already cover more than 98 percent of cities with 200,000 people, and civilian airports cover more than 92 percent of prefectural-level cities.
Digital RMB used for driverless bus rides for first time
China's first test of using Digital RMB to ride driverless buses was completed in Suzhou, marking the first time China's legal digital currency has been used to ride a driverless bus.
Zhurong Mars rover completes scheduled mission, acquiring about 10GB of raw data
China National Space Administration said Tuesday that as of August 15, the Zhurong Mars rover has completed its scheduled roving mission, acquiring about 10GB of raw data, according to CCTV.
China's space station's core module Tianhe to turn into a lab soon
After Tianhe's infrastructure is completed, astronauts will need to assemble and test scientific experiment equipment to establish a space experiment environment.
China starts construction of test line for maglev trains with speeds of up to 1,000 km/h
The high-speed train can reach a speed of 300 meters per second, which is equivalent to the speed of a conventional bullet, just like "Let The Bullets Fly."
China developing heavy-lift launch vehicle to pave way for lunar base
The country is developing a heavy-lift launch vehicle with a 10-meter diameter and a lunar orbital capacity of no less than 50 tons, the company's designer, Mou Yu, said at the China Space Conference 2021.
Subway cars made by Chinese firm begin passenger trials in US
CRRC Qingdao Sifang won a $1.3 billion contract to assemble 846 subway cars in Chicago in 2016.