China-made operating system

China's Tianwen-1 probe powered by operating system developed by local team
China's Tianwen-1 mission, consisting of an orbiter, a lander, and a rover, saw a number of technological breakthroughs, the operating system being one of them.
Deepin launches plan to speed up adaptation with Windows software
Deepin, a China-made Debian-based operating system, announced on Wednesday that it aims to adapt more than 100,000 popular Windows programs this year.
China-made UOS exceeds 1 million installations by end of 2020
UOS, the equivalent of Windows, has more than 1 million installations by the end of 2020, its China-based developer Union Tech said.
China-made UOS developer says its desktop ecosystem ready to replace Windows 7
China-made Unity Operating System (UOS) now supports all CPU platforms, and a large number of software adaptations have made its desktop ecosystem capable of replacing Windows 7, according to Union Tech, the developer of the OS.
Kylin Soft included in list of China central government procurement agreement
China's central government procurement agreement is one of the highest level and most extensive procurement projects in China's current government procurement field.
openEuler Community Council announced to promote development of China's OS ecosystem
The openEuler Community Council was announced at the Operating System Summit on December 24.
ZTE says it has commercialized 7nm on 5G base station chips, 4,000 employees working on operating system
On the main control chip of 5G wireless base stations and switches, the 7-nanometer chip developed by ZTE has been commercially available, and the 5-nanometer chip is still in the experimental stage, the company executive said on October 11.
UnionTech OS ported to Xiaomi 6
The Deepin OS team recently said on Weibo that its community user BigfootACA has ported UnionTech OS to the Xiaomi 6 smartphone.
UnionTech OS V20 Personal Edition (1011) released
Union Tech, the developer of the China-made UnionTech OS, has announced the release of UnionTech OS V20 Personal Edition (1011).
UnionTechOS V20 Professional Edition (1022) released, optimized for Loongson and Kunpeng processors
Chinese operating system developer Union Tech on Tuesday released UnionTechOS V20 Professional (1022), an update that optimizes processors across multiple architectures, including AMD64, ARM64 and MIPS64.