Bug Alert

Another Chinese user reports Tesla app bug allows him to manipulate someone else's Model 3
A Chinese Tesla owner said on Weibo today that when he opened the Tesla App, instead of seeing his Model 3, someone else's vehicle appeared.
A wallpaper causes phone systems to crash, and it's not Samsung to blame
Over the weekend, a large number of users claimed that Samsung had a system crash bug due to setting a wallpaper.
Users say a wallpaper causes Samsung phone system to crash
A large number of Samsung phone users in China have claimed on social media that when they set a certain image (the above one) as wallpaper, it causes the phone system to crash and the screen to flicker infinitely.
Apple has fixed 'This app is no longer shared with you' bug
According to Techcrunch, Apple has fixed the "this app is no longer shared with you" bug in iOS last week.
Chinese users say Samsung phone system crashes with black screen, reboot
A large number of Samsung phone users today said on Weibo that their Samsung devices are experiencing black screen and reboot problems. The affected phones include Galaxy S8, S9, S10 and even S20 models.
Newly discovered Mac OS image capture bug fills hard drives with empty data
A bug has been found in Apple's macOS Image Capture app that unnecessarily takes up potential gigabytes of storage when transferring photos from an iPhone or iPad to a Mac.
Microsoft acknowledges critical flaw in Windows 10 affecting SMBv3 protocol
Microsoft has confirmed a new critical vulnerability affecting the SMBv3 protocol in the latest version of Windows 10 that could allow an attacker to remotely execute code on an SMB server or client.
Bug allows hackers to make unauthorized payments via PayPal in Google Pay
Hackers recently discovered a vulnerability in PayPal's Google Pay integration and is now using it to conduct unauthorized transactions through a PayPal account, according to ZDNet.
Windows 10 bug shows'highest load' of i5 processor is only 0.99GHz
Although Microsoft has been providing updates, there are still some bugs in Windows 10.
Android bug alert: hackers can plant malware via NFC beaming
Google rolled out a patch on an Android bug that lets hackers install malware to a phone via NFC Beaming.