BOE to invest $580 million to expand production line to meet demand for large display products
BOE believes that 65-inch and 75-inch products are more economical sizes in its Generation 10.5 production line, and their demand will see significant growth in the next five years.
BOE says its flexible AMOLED production line yield rate is over 80%
BOE's 6th generation production line is a fully flexible line, corresponding to high-end flexible AMOLED products, the company said in an exchange with investors.
BOE reportedly to supply OLED panels for iPhone 13
Chinese display maker BOE will be one of the main suppliers of OLED panels for the iPhone 13 model, according to
BOE's new invention allows people with visual impairments to 'see' pictures
The "reader" contains two parts: a haptic sensing device, which is worn on the finger of the visually impaired person, and a display device, which includes a touch panel.
BOE hit by US 337 investigation
In response to the investigation, BOE said in a statement that it will not have a material impact on the company's current production and operations.
BOE said to have completed its first shipments of OLED screens to Apple last week
Chinese panel maker BOE had completed its first AMOLED panel deliveries to Apple for the iPhone by December 25, measuring 6.1 inches and numbering in the tens of thousands, tech industry research firm RUNTO said.
BOE allegedly passed Apple's validation, will soon supply screens for iPhones
The biggest possibility is that BOE and Samsung together supply screens to the iPhone 12 Mini.
Chinese display giant BOE shows off its innovations at NIO
BOE did not specify whether all of these technologies are used in NIO's cockpit but mentioned that it and NIO have continued to work together in recent years to create an interactive, warm, and user-friendly intelligent cockpit.
BOE is the screen supplier for OPPO's scroll screen phone
OPPO unveiled the OPPO X 2021 scroll screen concept phone at the OPPO INNO DAY 2020 on Tuesday, which features an OLED flexible scroll screen with a minimum of 6.7 inches and a maximum of 7.4 inches. Li Xuezheng, vice president of BOE, said on Weibo today that the screen was provided by them.
BOE reportedly to supply displays to iPhone 12 series by year-end
Chinese display maker BOE will supply it's products to Apple's new iPhones by the end of this year, Wise Finance said, citing unnamed industry sources.