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Huawei's rotating chairman hopes Google Apps can be listed on App Gallery
Huawei's rotating chairman Xu Zhijun said today he hoped Google's applications could be listed on Huawei's application market, App Gallery, just like the App Store.
Huawei P40 series comes with HMS and App Gallery
For the three phones of the P40 series released today, there is no pressure on hardware, 5G, and camera configuration. The biggest trouble in the overseas market is Google GMS, which is still not available. However, this time Huawei equipped its own HMS service and App Gallery on the P40 series phones.
Huawei turns to local developers in India and Russia to deal with lack of Google services
From India's Indus OS operating system to Russia's Yandex search engine, Huawei is trying to reach out to local application developers in some countries to address the lack of Google Apps services for overseas products.
Honor V30 Pro 5G released overseas as first smartphone with HMS
After the Huawei 5G conference officially launched HMS services and the App Gallery application store overseas, Honor also released the Honor V30 Pro mobile phone at the European conference.
Huawei releases App Gallery, world's third largest application market
Huawei released App Gallery on February 24, which is the Huawei app store. Huawei claims that this is the third largest app store in the world after Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
Huawei will replace HMS framework services with HMS Core app
Huawei has tested the HMS Core framework and HMS core applications in the Chinese market to replace Google Mobile Services (GMS) applications, according to IT Home.
Huawei HMS developers have reached 1.3 million
Huawei recently said that the number of developers in the HMS ecosystem has increased from the previous 910,000 to 1.3 million.
Ark Compiler zone briefly appears on Huawei App Gallery
A dedicated section for Apps remade by Huawei's Ark Compiler briefly appeared in the Huawei App Gallery this afternoon.