ZTE announces MyOS based on Android
ZTE announced MyOS, a smartphone operating system featuring privacy and security, marking a major update to the company's customized version of Android skin after 10 years of existence.
Less than 10% of Android phones run on the latest Android 10
The distribution of various historical versions of Android shows that Android 10 has a market share of only 8.2%, according to 9to5Google.
Android 11 supports rear double tap to take screenshots
With the release of the Android 11 Developer Preview, we were able to learn more about the features and gameplay of the new Android system.
Google releases Android 11 Developer Preview 2
Google today pushed the latest Android 11 Developer Preview 2 developer preview update.
Android Studio 4.0 Beta 2 released
A few days ago, Android Studio 4.0 Beta 2 has been released with the following updates:
Microsoft supports copy and paste between Windows 10 and Android
Microsoft recently added support for new features in Windows 10 Preview, making it easier for users to copy and paste between a computer and an Android device.
Android security alert: 1 billion devices will no longer get updates
If you are still running Android 6.0 or earlier, you are vulnerable to malware.
Huawei offers Android phone computing powers on the cloud
Huawei recently announced that Huawei Cloud has released Kunpeng phone on the cloud, which is based on Huawei Cloud Kunpeng bare metal server, with a virtual Android operating system.
A rooted Android phone can be used to jailbreak iOS 13, test shows
The jailbreak tools in the iOS 13 era mainly include unc0ver and Checkra1n. The latest v4.2.1 version already supports A9 to A13 devices from iOS 11 to iOS 13.3 and the latter can be used for A9 to A11 (iPhone 6s to iPhone X) Jailbreak based on iOS 13.
Google Play adds dark theme option, but only for Android 10
In 2019, Google introduced its system-wide dark mode to Android 10 for the first time. But once you switch from "System" settings to dark mode, services such as Google Play will also follow the system settings.